Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on President Trump’s DACA-Border Funding Speech

Youngstown, OH – Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) issued the following state regarding President Trump’s DACA-border funding speech:

“Let me be clear: this shutdown should have never happened. In the 11th hour after the Senate unanimously passed a bill in December to fund the government. The President changed his mind because several right-wing television and radio hosts got under his skin.

Our priority should be to reopen the government, and the House has been committed to doing that since day one of the new Congress,” said Congressman Ryan.

“Now the President wants Americans to pay $5.7 billion for a permanent wall in exchange for temporary protections for Dreamers — protections which HE removed when elected. That is laughable.

The Democratic House has passed eight bills to reopen the government. The Republican Senate can pass any one of those bills today. And only after the government is back up and running can we have a real conversation.”